Momentum Group, the perfect balance between opportunity and risk profitability and impact.

Andreas Müller

About the company
We are a private equity investment firm with a strong presence in the European and Latin American markets.
More than $500,000 million invested, demonstrating the unconditional trust placed in us by our investors.
Our strategy
We simplify the complexity of investing with our three-step strategy.
Momentum Impact
Through our investments we generate progress and positive impact in social contexts.

Our Strategy

The success of our strategy is based on a fundamental principle. This principle consists of the acquisition, exploitation and subsequent sale of distressed assets. Our Methodology, designed and customized by our professionals, allows us to significantly multiply investors’ returns.

Particle element
Particle element
1. Rigorous due diligence
To identify the potential and analyze the risk.
2. Intelligent leverage
To acquire and finance the assets in which we invest.
3. Radical management
For optimal management of new tenants.

Our presence

We have coverage in strategic cities that have a direct impact on Europe and Latin America, which allows us to connect two dimensions: the developed economy with the emerging economy. Zurich: financial capital of the world. Milan: European real estate capital.

Switzerland is the number 4 economy in the ranking of GDP per capita in the world.
Italy’s economy is the eighth largest in the world in terms of GDP.
Latin America
Latin America
Colombia is the fourth most competitive economy in Latin America.

Momentum Impact

We encourage economic growth for entire communities and provide new opportunities for small entrepreneurs and middle-class families, while helping to create new and emerging families with high standards of social well-being.

Completed investments

Momentum Group enables investors to participate in a diversified portfolio of a highly profitable asset class through its distinctive approach to investing in commercial and residential real estate assets in developed and emerging markets.

Proyect EU-WS23
“Thanks to this important alliance with the public sector, we have been able to meet the needs of both investors and dozens of families”.
Bettina Meyer
Proyect LA-VC162
“This project has brought me great personal satisfaction, the residents appreciate the architectural quality and we have managed to achieve the profitability target”.
Cristina Seger
Proyect LA-MR203
“The success of this investment confirms our ability to optimize resources, transforming an asset that was initially in disrepair into a means of generating progress”.
Andrew Segovia

Investments in the Pipeline

We stand out for the innovation of our projects under the principles of positive social impact and return on investment. In this section you will find current investments within the framework of our corporate strategy and the structure of our investment vehicles.


Momentum Group REITS

Better than investing in traditional real estate, with REITS you can achieve a return of up to 12% per year and generate dividends as early as the third month. Through this and other investment vehicles, Momentum Group has channeled investments of more than one hundred million euros in Europe alone.

Momentum Insights

Relevant information to update our investors.

“We generate value through the transformation and enhancement of our real estate assets”.