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What does the future hold for the investment industry?

At Momentum Group Investment Outlook, we interviewed Andrew Segovia the head of private equity at Momentum Capital. He share his views about the investment industry landscape. 


Segovia explains how the industry is changing and adapting to a new world. Additionally he explains the main issues that are turning the world upside down today: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, geopolitical outlook in Latin America, COVID-19, the use of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and the implementation of the metaverse in everyday life.

What is attractive to investors in today’s world?

Andrew Segovia: …”We are experiencing uncertain times. Of course, human kind has lived through war, terrible diseases and financial crisis, even all at once, but what is different now, is the existence of two game changer components:

One is globalization and the other, fast spreading communication…”

…”Sure, these can be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on the circumstances and the point of view, however, we don’t know how to measure nor to control them.”…

*Thanks to  Momentum Capital headquarters in Italy for providing this material for educational use.
March 2022
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