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Real estate private equity

  • The key of Momentum's success is based in the right due diligence process. Always acting with an “urgency and efficiency” approach.
  • Understanding the European and Latin American market in a comprehensive way, allow us to apply effective strategies focused on obtaining positive results for our investors.

Momentum Group is a consolidated private equity investment company specialize on the European and Latin American market.

We look and identify opportunities in real estate assets with high potential to generate attractive returns for our investors.

We implement the most effective strategies through investment vehicles, in a reduced risk platform for all assets we invest.

Our experience on construction, real estate management and investment sectors, positions us as holistic experts at structuring, developing and managing real estate investments.

Our strategy is oriented on generating value through the transformation and enhancement of real estate assets, investing equity together with our investors in a shared risk platform.

Our positive impact, encourages economic growth for entire communities and provide opportunities for small entrepreneurs and middle-class families, contributing at the same time for the creation of new emerging households with optimal social welfare standards.

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Identifies the opportunity
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Implements the optimal strategy
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Transforms and potentialize
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Positive social impact

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It is impetus, speed or drive. In daily life it is often a subjective sensation, just like the wind, momentum is invisible, but its presence can certainly be felt. Leaders describe the feeling of momentum when their organization consistently meets goals;

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Dedicated efforts to the correct, fast and efficient due diligence process.

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