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Our history

El efecto Momentum

"• The shared feeling of Momentum when goals are constantly aimed towards successful results".
"• The bold desire to generate a positive impact in our society, through the coalition of interdisciplinary knowledge in real estate and private equity industry".
The Momentum effect.

The feeling of Momentum that is shared when goals are consistently met and successful results are achieved.

The unsettling desire to generate a positive impact on our society by merging interdisciplinary knowledge in real estate investments.

What is momentum effect?

It is impetus, speed or drive. In daily life it is often a subjective sensation, just like the wind, momentum is invisible, but its presence can certainly be felt. Leaders describe the feeling of momentum when their organization consistently meets goals; Momentum Group experiences this effect in the daily basis.

In short, Momentum Group, is a positive motion with a consistent drive in a certain direction, which in our case is the positive social impact merged with high returns for our investors.

Our roots

Momentum group begins from the bold desire to generate a positive impact in the global society, through the fusion of an interdisciplinary knowledge and the family heritage of its founders in the real estate investment industry. Our impact is oriented on urban renewal projects, that offers ideal opportunities to vulnerable socioeconomic communities with a great potential of growth.


Transitioning to the private equity industry

The history and experience of Momentum Group, begins as an organization with a long family tradition. During the 1980s, through an experimental model in the European and Colombian market, the company achieve to master the traditional real estate investment industry. Prior knowledge of the entire value chain in the businesses industry, allowed its founders to developed the ideal criteria to understand and act in a comprehensive market, incorporating disciplines typical of an organizational structure, such as economics, law, architecture and international business relations.

Conquering the European market

Italy and Switzerland

At the end of the stage of the experimental model that took place in the 1980s, an evolving and transition phase begins. This transition is based on the business model improvement and the implementation of organizational principals that ends on the creation of the Cantiere Real Estate company, at Zürich – Switzerland, in 2013.

The consolidation of this organization, allowed us to incorporate the knowledge and principles acquired during our vast trajectory, evolving our approach into a structure based on private equity investment methodology. The organization begins humbly with small investments in Italy and Switzerland, implementing different business services such as investments, construction and management of third parties real estate assets.

Due to a successful consolidation in the European market, Cantiere Real Estate is renamed as the Momentum Group organization, paving the path to the Momentum S.r.l. (Italy) and Momentum AG (Switzerland).


Expanding our business - Latin America

In 2015, willing to expand into the Latin American market, Momentum Group S.r.l.  through a merging and acquisitions model (M&A) has purchased the Colombian company “Soluciones juridicas inmobiliarias S.A.S“. changing the company name and obtaining as result, the Momentum Group S.A.S. corporation.

This merger was the ideal scenario to consummate the strategy of consolidating the company into the Latin American market, proceeding to strengthen next, the areas of construction and asset management in our portfolio.


Following the merger, Important high-profile clients were acquired, thanks to the company’s strategic approach, remarkable projects were carried out; from the construction of new buildings in the retail sector, to the management of real estate assets.


This holistic approach gave the company a competitive advantage in the real estate investment sector, since the knowledge and clients acquired in these areas were key factors in perfectioning the Momentum Group’s investment model.


Among these clients are:


– Mc Donald’s

– Alsea Group (Starbucks, Dominos, Burger King)

– Texmoda Group (Zara, Pull&Bear, Bershka y Stradivarius)

– Novartis

– STF group

– Jeronimo Martins

– Crepes & Waffles (Colombia)

– Koba Group

From real estate to the private equity industry.

True to its principles, private equity becomes the core business for Momentum Group, leaving aside all areas of providing services to third parties. Conscious of the success and experience achieved with third parties, Momentum implements the same strategies, but this time exclusively in the development and management of its own real estate assets.

Currently, Momentum Group is developing urban renewal projects with high social impact, generating attractive returns for investors and also helping families and entrepreneurs to position themselves as a new emerging middle class with the prospect of collective well-being.

Momentum Group will continue to work as it has done since its beginnings, fulfilling the bold desire to generate social impact, contributing to progress in society and meeting at the same time the investors’ expectations worldwide.



Momentum Group


Conquering the European market, Cantiere Real Estate, Zürich-Switzerland


Becoming Momentum s.r.l. and Momentum AG


Mergers and acquisitions Colombia


From real estate to the private equity industry


Acquiring new real estate assets


Urban renewal, changing people life’s

“Positive social impact merged with high returns for our investors”